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Hero Quest 21b


"I've joined our kingdom's strongest knights, the "Azure Knights". They say it's extremely hard to be a member of the "Azure Knights", but I guess being a well-known contributor in the war up north AKA the recently retired Arena Champion of Sando made it a lot easier. My first assignment is rather simple, I am to defeat the magical golem that has been harassing the local villagers in the west. I am gonna need a special weapon crafted out of obsidian to penetrate the golems' magical barrier and damage its rocky body.

Sword Required:Edit

1 Rank A Obsidian Sword

Quest golemn finished


"Thank you, I hope you don't feel like I always take your hard work for granted. Please take these."


  • 8,000 EXP
  • 15,000 GOLD
  • 3 x Lvl 3 Ores

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