Golden Age
Golden Age Display

Golden Age is the God-Slaying Divine Sword fused from Divine Gold.

Name Golden Age
Material 1 Divine Metal
Material 2 Gold
Element Earth
Fused from 3 Divine Gold
Attack Points (AP) 15
Defense Points (DP) 33
Stars 10
Rank SS
Sell Price(Sword Coins) 500,000
Sword Contest Points 750
Golden Age Manga

The manga shows the sword being handled by a beautiful woman clad in armor. There is not much information that can be obtained just from looking at this. So, we will look at the most common meanings in this situation.

Generally when you have something titled "....... Age", it refers to an era. The Dark Ages, the Medieval age, the Pirate age, the Renaissance age and so forth.

As such, you can presume to believe that the Golden Age refers not just to the sword, but to the era that this lady is either ushering in, or representing. Which is further reinforced by her pose. She perhaps represents a bit of sword quest too. That in this age, where you, the master sword smith, along with your hero, one of the master fighters in the world, are perhaps heralding in an era of peace and prosperity for all, the golden age.

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