Frozen Moth
Frozen Moth Display

Frozen Moth is the Master Sword created by the Advanced Crafting of Tamahagane & Ice Stone.

Name Frozen Moth
Material 1 Tamahagane
Material 2 Ice Stone
Essences 1 Sword Essence
Quality needed 25
Element Frost
Attack Points (AP) 35
Defense Points (DP) 15
Stars 8
Rank M
Sell Price ($word Coins) 70,000

The name 'Frozen Moth' may be a play for the saying 'Like Moth Drawn to Flame'-that can be translated as 'Walking into a trap'. But in this sword's case, the 'moth' is highly likely referring to 'water vapour' in air, which is froze as soon as it contacts the blade, making thin crusts as seen on the image.

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