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Hero Quest 18: Frosty Sword

Received at Start: 3 Ice Stones


"That fire sword you gave me the perfect weapon against the frost twins. Let's just say that their spells were melted pretty badly. How could I fight two opponents at once? Well I don't know, but they said it's sorta like a tradition. Haha... don't worry! I am a legit champion after all. I can take on anything they throw at me. By the way, can you forge a frost sword for me this time?"

Sword Required:Edit

Any 6-Star Sword that has the Frost element. Northern Wind (Iron Fusion) or the Rank-B Ice Stone swords are good choices

Hero -18 Finish


"With both the fire and ice swords, I am versatile enough to take on most opponents. I am afraid my enemy's next move won't be so easily predictable though. Thanks again! I'll see you soon.


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