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Received at Start: Nothing

Hero Q 35 S


"The demons have summoned their final gate. All forces have been sent to the eastern front-line to defend, but it is falling very quickly. I have recovered and I am ready to get back to the fight, except I don't have a sword now. Can you craft a sword from the metals I have been giving you? We don't have much time, but I will wait. Because I know you will make the wait worthwhile."

Sword Required:Edit

Any Divine Sword. (The first 2 pages, basic crafts.  Choose whichever you have the most)

Hero Q 35 F


"This sword is godsend. The skills you have demonstrated on this sword is beyond human comprehension. This is comparable to the work of the gods. I don't know what more I can ask of you. Please take these as a token of my gratitude."


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