Farmer Joe Profile

Farmer Joe is the 2nd Boss on the Mysterious Mountain. He is also the first boss you encounter who can heal himself.

That said, he is pretty easy, and while he drops 1 of the first equipment sets you can get in the game, its honestly not that good.. which.. really isn't a surprise when you think about it..

I mean.. its clothes you wear to go farming...  You will replace them pretty quickly.

Either way, if you want to check out the Farmer Set, he is wearing them.

Farmer Joe's Adventure Info
Name Farmer Joe Location Mysterious Mountain (Secret Farm)
Health 265 Experience 45 (1,500 1st Time)
Type Boss (2nd) Max Basic Attack 100
Speed Normal Effects Heals
Special 1 Militia Special 2 Fresh Fruit
Special 1 Intro "Farmer Joe yells for you to back off from his farm!" Special 2 Intro "Farmer Joe is picking deliciously looking ripe fruits!
Special 1 Effect Damage Increase Special 2 Effect Heals 50% HP
LOOT: 500 Coins LOOT: Friend Hammer
LOOT: Happy Hammer LOOT: 2x Apple
LOOT: First Aid Kit LOOT: Farmer Hat (1/1 Secondary, Farmer Set)
LOOT: Iron Chest - Farmer Clothing (2/2 Main, Farmer Set)

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