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Exorcist is a Rank A Sword made from Silver.

Name Exorcist
Material Silver
Element Holy
Fused from 3 Silver Bell
Attack Points (AP) 28
Defense Points (DP) 8
Stars 7
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 18,000
Sword Contest Points 210
Exorcist Manga

In this scene, we find a black-haired man doubled-over in what appears to be pain. However, a nearby blonde-haired man realizes that more than one thing is wrong with this individual, and as it turns out, he was right. The man with black hair suddenly springs up again, his skin changed to a horrifying shade of red, and his mouth is filliing with fangs. The blonde-haired man simply draws his sword, and prepares for the inevitable.

One interesting thing to note in this scene is that this man shares almost the same symbol on his forehead as the Emperor. However, his more closely resembles a cross, perhaps hinting at an affiliation with holy affairs. This would also explain why he could recognize the symptoms of posession, and why he also holds a sword whose very name hints at an ability to remove demons from a human soul. Time will tell if there are more like him, and what their ultimate purpose is.The symbol on the man's head is the same as the girl in the Scarlet Crusader manga, suggesting that they have a common responsibility of removing demons.

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