Essence of Destruction
Essence of Destruction Display

Essence of Destruction is the God-Slaying Divine Sword fused from Annihilation.

Name Essence of Destruction
Material 1 Divine Metal
Material 2 Obsidian
Element - - - - - - - - - -
Fused from 3 Annihilation
Attack Points (AP) 50
Defense Points (DP) 0
Stars 10
Rank SS
Sell Price(Sword Coins) 515,000
Sword Contest Points 750
Essence of Destruction Manga

Like all God Slaying swords, it comes with a 1 page manga which potrays a huge man with horns and reptile-like left eye wields the radiating sword, then looks down on someone. By the marking in his forehead and the blonde hair, we can suppose the lizard-man is the Emperor.

The scene shown seems to be a continuation of the manga for the sword Nirvana, as the white-haired man in this manga is the same man from that manga, and the demonic eye shown in that manga is shown in the final frame. Perhaps, the white-haired man is afraid for his life, being forced to stand against this beast-of-a-man wielding a blade of such power, or maybe the two have a connection, explaining his expression of shock.

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