Emperor's Abyssal Soul Piercer

Emperor's Abyssal Soul Piercer is the Artifact Sword made with Relic Fusion and the Ocean Stone Rank-A Swords.

Name Emperor's Abyssal Soul Piercer
Core Piece Leviathan's Whisker
Core Location Abyssal Sea
Monster Drop Leviathan (2nd Boss)
Adventure Store Price 120 Smith Tokens
Ocean Stone Rank-A Swords Curse of the Seven Oceans, Kraken Eye, & Abyssal Demon
Adventure Level 33
Quality Needed 30
Fusion Time 36 Hours
Element Water
Attack Points (AP) 70
Defense Points (DP) 55
Stars 10 Red Stars
Rank AA
Sell Price


Points 750
Emperor's Abyssal Soul Piercer Manga

This Artifact Manga is different in that it doesn't appear to show the enemy it came from.  Instead, it almost looks like it is Siren.  However, is that true?  You can see similar scaling on the lady, what appears to be fins, and her eyes are lit up with a similar color as Leviathan. For now, she remains a mystery.

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