Emperor Profile

Emperor makes his Adventure appearance as the 2nd Boss in the Imperial Tomb.  

He is also a common character in the Manga Pages, but more on that below.

According to the Heroine Quests, his name is Sarven Torbane and he is the third(?) Emperor.

Adventure Info
Name Emperor Location Imperial Tomb (Emperor's Room)
Health 1,600 Experience 150 (11,000 1st Time)
Type Boss (2nd) Max Basic Attack 400 Damage
Speed Quick Possible Effects Demoralized & Heals
Special 1 Absorb Ancestral Spirit Special 2 Astral Devastation
Special 1 Intro "Emperor is draining the soul of his ancestors!" Special 2 Intro "Emperor slowly pulls out his sword!"
Special 1 Effect Heals 25% HP & Demoralized Special 2 Effect 900-1,000 Damage
LOOT: 700 Coins LOOT: Diamond
LOOT: Life Force LOOT: Soul Gem
LOOT: Sword Dust LOOT: Friend Hammer
LOOT: Treasure Chest - Emperor Jewel (Gold & Diamond Relic Core)

A common face in the Manga Artwork, you can see the Emperor age and change. Corrupted and transformed. Marked by the sign in his forehead, he is the one who most likely rules at least a fraction of the world where Sword Quest takes place, judging by his name.

In the Hero Quests, his name is mentioned on occasion by Edex.  Edex mentions him in Hero Quests#21 and #22 where he joins the Emperor's Paladins and then requests swords for the Emperor's troops.

He also appears in several Manga Pages and the order of the slideshow below is:

  • National Treasure
    • Excaliber
    • Lionheart
    • Ketu Rahu
    • National Treasure

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