There are some swords that have elements attached to them. These are perhaps created in fusion , or they come with the type of materials you use, e.g. Fire Stone would have a Fire element of course.

The 8 different elements are:

You can give your team an Elemental advantage in Adventure by equipping 3(and a pet) or 4(no pet) swords with the same element.  This bonus will for the whole group and can provide a nice advantage.  Especially at the lower levels.  The bonus advantage for each element is:

Element Group Bonuses
Type HP+ AP+ DP+
Arcane 10% 5% ---
Earth 15% --- ---
Fire --- 10% ---
Frost --- --- 10%
Holy --- 5% 7%
Water 10% --- 5%
Wind 1 Extra Hand per turn
Unholy --- 7% 5%

In addition, most locations have a certain element that, if the group's matches it, gives additional bonuses to HP, AP, DP or hand.

  • Cursed Forest               ( Wind | Hand+1, DP+25 )
  • Mage Tower                  ( Unholy | Max HP+200, AP+25 )
  • Flaming Volcano           ( Frost | Hand+1, DP+30 )
  • Polar Glacier                 ( Fire | Max HP+200, AP+50 )
  • Imperial Tomb               ( Holy | Max HP+300, AP+20 )
  • Canyon of Immortality    ( Earth | Max HP+100, Hand+1 )
  • Dragon Archipelago       ( Wind | Max HP+350)
  • Abyssal Sea                 (Arcane I Max HP+200, Hand+1)
  • Skyland                        (Unholy | Max HP+200,AP+40,DP+20)
  • Impact Site                   (Water | Max HP+200, AP+65, DP+50)
  • Hellgate                        (Holy | Max HP+200,DP+30, Hand+1)

See Also Arena Elements

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