Edex as a novice swordsman.

Edex is one of the main characters in Sword Quest. He is a primary protagonist comparable to Ilec and Rufa, and his story is the most clear of all characters.

It is him you help out while doing your Hero Quests, and it is due to him that the world of SQ knows your name. You helped him when he was just a beginning adventurer and continued to provide support as he got stronger and more experienced. His quests range from forming an adventurer party to fighting in duels and tournaments. He goes on to face lichs, dragons, demons, and even fallen angels.  

It is also your sword that he carries when he walks through the seal to hopefully stop the demon threat, and it may be his absence that has caused you to take up Adventure.

Obviously not every page from the Hero Quest will go here.  So instead, here is a collection of his growth, mainly shown by the armors he wears, and then the few Manga pages he appears in.

Edex Gallery:Edit

  • Hero Quest 1: Introduction of Edex.
  • Hero Quest 5: First Armor upgrade. He's improving.
  • Hero Quest 9: Second Armor upgrade. Dueling other fighters.
  • Hero Quest 12: Joined the army to help fight the undead.
  • Hero Quest 17: Champion of Sando(Tournament)
  • Hero Quest 22: Needs better swords to take out the dragons.
  • Hero Quest 28: Taking on Tiamat
  • Hero Quest 34. Last Armor change. Getting ready to end it.
  • Heldon Shows Edex going into battle against the Red Dragon
  • Legacy, Sword of Heroes Shows Edex in the Dragon Kaiser Set, going against a demon.
  • The Last Hope The sword Edex requires for his last Hero Quest.
  • Archdemon Runeblade While not easy to see; there is a form standing alone in solitude. As we know this weapon is received in Hellgate, this is perhaps Edex.

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