Durendal New
Durendal Display

Durendal is a Rank-A Sword made from Steel

Name Durendal
Material Steel
Element Holy
Fused from 3  Paladin Sword
Attack Points (AP) 16
Defense Points (DP) 12
Stars 7
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 11,000
Sword Contest Points 210
Durendal Manga

The Durendal has a page of manga that can be viewed after saving the blade to your collection. The commander rallies his troops to attack the demonic entity in front of him. They overcome their fear and prepare for the charge. All the while, the demon watches them, sneering.

The commander can also be later seen in the Doomspike manga.

Durendal is named after the great broadsword of Frankish Paladin and War Commander Roland. It was forged by Wayland the Smith and rumored to have unrivaled power imbued into it. Centuries after Roland's death, fragments of Durendal have been found. Perhaps the blonde man giving orders is Roland.

By making Durendal the result of a Paladin Sword Fusion, it implies that Roland's prowess in combat was nothing short of exceptional.

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