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Hero -14 Start

Received at start: 4 Tamahagane


"Hello! I hope the big hero who forged that incredible legendary sword still has time for my mundane requests now! Hahaha! Just kidding! Anyway, the Arena wants me back in the tournament despite missing a few rounds. They offered to place me in the semifinals, which won't start in a month. So before I go back to the Arena, I want to learn how to combat with two swords from this crazy guy I while I was at the north. I'll be needing a pair of eastern blades similar to what you made for me before. You'll help right, big hero?

Sword Required:Edit

2 identical Rank B swords made from Tamahagane.

Hero -14 Finish


"Thanks! After I master the dual wielding technique maybe I can teach you to dual wield your hammers, and you could be twice as efficient! Hahaha...wait...nevermind...the thought of you becoming even more efficient is actually quite scary..."


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