Dragonsong display
Dragonsong is the Master Sword created by the Advanced Crafting.
Name Dragonsong
Material 1 Tamahagane
Material 2 Dragon Stone
Essences 1 Sword Essence
Quality needed 25
Element - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Attack Points (AP) 42
Defense Points (DP) 12
Stars 8
Rank M
Sell Price ($word Coins) 70,000

Its appereance somewhat mirrors the material used in making this sword: from Tamahagane, a distinct curvy blade and from Dragon Stone, the scale-like pattern joining the handle and the blade. What's more, there appears to be 'wings' from either energy or spirit gushing out from exposed blue gem near the hilt, which resembles Last Hope's petal-like projection.

At the base of the blade, it appears some kinds of bluish-glowing rune is carved. Is it some kind of spell, or this references to the custom of Japanese Katanakaji (lit. :swordsmith) of marking their creation by engraving their signature? Whatever it is, the blade's beauty is a sight to behold.

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