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The Dragon Temple is the 10th Decor set you can buy.  It appears to be located in a remote location as one would imagine being surrounded by dragons is where people would NOT live.

Out the window, you can see a rocked shaped like a face of some type of beast, with what appears to be dragons flying around it.  Out the door ,there is a red dragon in view.  The fireplace has been modeled to give it the view of being a dragons mouth., and in the bottom lefthand corner you can see what appears to be some type of treasure.. or balls.


  • Workshop:  20,000
  • Chest:  16,000
  • Bookshelf:  12,000
  • Tables:  100 Smith Tokens
  • Background:  30,000
  • House:  150 Smith Tokens
  • Trophy:  ?

Total Cost: ?Edit

Dragon trophy
Trophy Bonus: +5 Quality to Dragon Stone.