Dragon Stone


5,000 Avg from Black Market

Ore Needed

3 Dragon Stone & 1 Mithril

Table Space

4 Tables in 2x2

Crafting Time

6 hours

Fusion Table Space

6 Tables in 3x2

Fusion Time

10 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+24 Exp

Trophy Bonus

Dragon Temple: +5 Quality

Max Sword Contest Points

1,014(C60, B78, A240

Dragon Stone is the 13th material available in the shop. It costs 6 Smith Tokens, or around 5,000 avg in the Black Market.  There are other free ways to obtain Dragon Stone, as listed below.

Like any rare materials found in Black Market, making a profit from Black Market is not going to happen. Profit can be found from Quest Rewards and using freely obtained materials or token purchased ore

Ways to Obtain:

Ways to Obtain Mastery:

Dragon stone

Dragon Stone

Sword ListEdit

  1. Dragonslayer
  2. Dragonfury
  3. Sword of the Dragon King
  4. Yellow Dragon Sword
  5. Dragon Soul
  6. Bahamut
  7. Sigil of Dragon Command

Dragon Stone Sword ChartEdit

Dragon Stone Sword Chart & Info
Name Rank Star Element Fusion Quest Attack Power Defense Power Sell Price Contest Points EXP
Dragonslayer C 5

Candy Quests Hero Quest 22

13 3 6,000 60
Dragonfury B 6 Dragon Soul 20 4 7,500 78 900
Sword of the Dragon King B 6 Bahamut 19 5 7,500 78 900
Yellow Dragon Sword B 6 Sigil of Dragon Command 14 10 7,500 78 900
Dragon Soul A 8 40 12 42,000 240 1,800
Bahamut A 8 Arcane 46 0 42,000 240 1,800
Sigil of Dragon Command A 8 Claiming Dragon Control 25 23 42,000 240 1,800

Master Sword ListEdit

Dragon Stone combined with:


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