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Dominion, The Sun Wheel is a Rank-A Sword made from Steel

Name Dominion, The Sun Wheel
Material Steel
Element Fire
Fused from 3  Warlord Sword
Attack Points (AP) 19
Defense Points (DP) 7
70 Edit
Stars 7
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price  11,000
Sword Contest Points 210
Dominion, The Sun Wheel Manga

Like all legendary swords, the Dominion has a page of manga that can be viewed after saving the blade to your collection.

In this scene, we see a blonde man with a symbol on his forehead, adorned in decorative armour complete with a lion-head on one shoulder, holding the Dominion. He shares the battlefield with another man: A white-haired individual with torn clothes and blood stains here and there. He holds a sword as well, most likely the Shura, One of his eyes is also shown in the background, which is blank, emotionless, and staring at his adversary in gold armour. The white haired person is Laynald Chester, also known as Shura, and this is probably the scene where he assassinates the king by using the power of the Sword of Shura.

The Dominion's holder is the Lion King, brother to the Emperor.

One interesting thing to note is the symbol on the Lion King's forehead, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the astrological sign for Ares, the Greek god of war. Fitting, considering the setting of the scene.