Divine Metal new

Divine Metal new

Divine Metal


200 Tokens from Shop

Ore Needed

1 Divine & 3 Others of Same

Table Space

9 Tables

Crafting Time

12 hours

Fusion Table Space

9 Tables in 3x3

Fusion Time

24 hour

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+80 Exp

Trophy Bonus

Pantheon: +5 Quality

Max Sword Contest Points

13,300(Regular 200, Fusion 750)

Divine Metal is the 3rd most valuable material in the game besides Chaos Shards & Cosmos Shards, being impossible to buy with coins and costing a considerable 200 tokens in the shop (approx. $2), or 1,500 Arena Points. It takes 9 table slots and 12 hours to forge this material.  

On the flip-side, this is also the easiest material to complete. Each material that Divine Metal is paired up with can only have 1 result. When you are making the regular swords, Burnt or Frozen doesn't matter. The quality is irrelevant as there is only 1 sword that can be made.  

(E.g. Divine Gold will always be given to you, even with 0 quality if you use 3 Gold.)

However, keep in mind for the fusions that Divine Metal is a Divine craft. That means, even if you do Divine & Ice Stone or Fire Stone, it will not receive a bonus, it will receive the penalty.

The other side of the coin is what it takes to complete the collection. You need 4 Divine Metals for each rare element. That means, you need 56 Divine Metals. As said above, you can't buy these in the Black Market. So, unless your willing to pay tokens, you have to obtain them other ways.  

Ways to Obtain

Ways to Obtain for FREE:

  • Collection: 30(This includes the 4 from the Divine Metal pages)

So, it is possible to obtain every single Divine Metal you need to craft every single Divine Sword as long as you look at what you have to do before hand. Several of the Special Quests and Hero Quests require you to turn in a Divine Metal sword before you get the Divine Metals, so they cancel each other out.  Let's look at how many you need to complete (Quests are optional, though only 1 Quest for Eternity is a loss).

How many you need:

  • Divine Metal Collection: 56
  • Total: 68

For divine fusion to be attempted, you need Level 2 mastery in Divine Metal, and the three identical Divine Swords you wish to fuse into a God-slaying Sword.

Divine Metal new

Divine Metal new

Process of divine

Processing Fusion Crafting of Divine Metal

Normal Divine SwordsEdit

Page 1:

  1. Rage of the Gods
  2. Sword of the Dragon God
  3. Sword of Death
  4. Sword of the Fire God
  5. Gen Masamune
  6. Divine Gold
  7. Demonbane

Page 2

  1. Sword of Divinity
  2. Sword of the Wind Goddess
  3. Sword of the Ice Goddess
  4. Sword of the Endless Sea
  5. Dimensional Blade
  6. Annihilation
  7. Divine Diamond

God-slaying SwordsEdit