Divine Hammer

This is a gift straight from the gods. It's a proof that you have advanced your skill beyond mortal imagination. This hammer weighs like a feather but hits harder than a thunder-strike. The material and method used to make this hammer is far beyond comprehension.

It is a reward for Divine Metal Mastery and saving all Divine Swords to your collection, thus becaming the second-best hammer that one can obtain beside the Creation Hammer, another reward from saving all Divine Swords.

Effect: Divine Hammer

  • +8 Quality
  • +20 CP
  • +1 Experience to all hits

Note:The Divine hammer is seen wielded by the Swordsmith in the Death's Tear manga. As of the new patch you must save all basic Divine swords, along with mastery of Divine Metal to obtain.

Note 2: This hammer was previously received for mastering Divine Metal. It was confirmed in an email to the developers on 03/01/2013 that you must now "master divine ore AND save all 'Divine Swords' in order to get the Divine Hammer. Keep in mind just the Divine Swords, NOT the God-slaying Swords."