Divine Dragon Profile

Divine Dragon is the 2nd Boss in Skyland.

It's best drops are 1 is the Peacemaker (10/45 Acc) & the other is the Musou Suit (38/38 Demonicblade Set)

Note*: If you are Wet, the Frost attack will cause you to become Frostbitten.  It's a divine dragon.  It doesn't need oil to burn you.

Adventure Info
Name Divine Dragon Location Skyland
Health 7,000 Experience 500 (100,000 1st Time)
Type Boss(2nd) Max Basic Attack 1,250
Speed Quick Possible Effects Demoralized, Burnt, Frostbitten*, & Heal
Special 1 Azure Flame Special 2 Dragon's Wish
Special 1 Intro "Blue smoke is coming out of Divine Dragon's mouth!" Special 2 Intro "The sky darkens with thunder roaring!"
Special 1 Effect Burnt & 400 static Frost damage Special 2 Effect Demoralized & Full Heal
LOOT: 1,000 Coins LOOT: Dragon Stone
LOOT: Life Force LOOT: Sacred Stone
LOOT: Soul Gem LOOT: 2x Soul Shard
LOOT: Miracle Hammer LOOT: Legendary Chest - Musou Suit (38/38 Main, Demonicblade Set)
LOOT: Mysterious Chest - Peacemaker (10/45 Accessory, Invulnerable Set) LOOT: Key Hammer

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