10,000 Avg from Black Market

Ore Needed

3 Diamond & 1 Mithril

Table Space

4 Tables in 2x2

Crafting Time

6 hours

Fusion Table Space

6 Tables in 3x2

Fusion Time

10 hours

Minimum Fusion Quality


Hammering Experience

+24 Exp

Trophy Bonus

Mine: +3 Quality

Max Sword Contest Points

433(C72, B91, A270)

Diamond is the tenth material available in the shop. It costs 3 Smith Tokens normally, or 10,000 Coins on average to buy in the Black Market. Gold and Diamond are "Special Rares", since they make higher star value swords then other materials that share the same combination material.

As a "Special Rare", Diamond will not be found in the Friend Wheel. Diamond can be found in Level Two ore chests but will trade with level 3 swords. As "Special Rares" Gold and Diamond share one collection Page of 6 swords; One Rare, one Epic and one Legendary; While all other materials will produce 3 epic varieties. 

Ways to Obtain:

Ways to Obtain Mastery:

Sword ListEdit

  1. Diamond Sword
  2. Bling-Bling
  3. Eternity

The rest of the collection is shared with Gold.

Diamond Sword ChartEdit

Diamond Sword Chart & Info
Name Rank Star Element Fusion Quest Attack Power Defense Power Sell Price Contest Points EXP
Diamond Sword C 6 12 3 10,000 72
Bling-Bling B 7 Eternity 17 6 13,000 91
Eternity A 9 42 10 60,000 270

Master Sword List

Diamond combined with: