The Decor is the way your workshop looks. Sword Quest currently has 19 different themes, with each of those also allowing for individual pieces you can purchase. This allows for you to customize your workshop to have a very varied appearance, with hundreds of different looks.

Originally there were only 5 different components for each Decor theme, now there are 7. 6 of the components are the actual furniture or visual pieces.

Sample Trophies

Some trophies.

The 7th is a trophy. The trophy component can only be purchased after the other 6 have all been purchased. The reason for this being that while the other 6 pieces are all for aesthetic reasons, the trophy itself will affect the quality of your sword. Literally. It will add a quality bonus to the specified stone the trophy/theme represents. The trophies are also represented in your workshop. They are shown above your door.

List of Decor Themes & Trophy Bonus:Edit

List of Special Decor Themes:Edit

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Limited Edition Decor:Edit