Deadly Poisoned Icon

Deadly Poisoned is the Status Effect of where you have been not just Poisoned, but Deadly Poisoned.  Unlike theo ther form, this one is much more deadly.  You lose a staggering 15% of your max HP for every zone on the map, and 3% of your HP for every turn in combat.(So if it takes you 5 turns to win, you lost 15%).  

Deadly Poisoned Text

Other than using the Heal Orbs to cure yourself, the only other way to remove the deadly poison is to use the Antidote to remove whatever is killing you.

As a Status Effect, this can be very deadly, especially in the later zones where it's no longer possible to one shot the regular enemies.  If you get this early in the map, and you know your going to have trouble with it,. this is probably one you should try to get rid of.

The following locations, enemies, and bosses can make you become Deadly Poisoned.

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