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Consumables are items that can be used in Adventure mode to cure certain status conditions, recover health or stamina. Most consumables can be bought in the Adventure Store or obtained while adventuring.  Keep in mind though, that there is a limit of 99.  Any you collect during the run will push you over 99, but once that run is done, it will drop back to 99.

Recovery ItemsEdit

These items can be used while on an Adventure map. They cannot be used during a battle. They can be found in your Backpack (located in the lower right corner).

Cures for Status Effects
Icon Name Effect $ Price Also From
C Cleanser
Cleanser Cures "Oily" and "Sticky" 3,000 Mysterious Mountain

Cursed Forest; 'Mage Tower; 'Polar Glacier; 'Canyon of Immortality; 'Dragon Archipelago; 'Impact Site; 'Hellgate

C Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire Cures "Wet" and "Frostbitten" 3,000 Training Dojo

Cursed Forest; 'Polar Glacier; 'Canyon of Immortality; 'Dragon Archipelago; 'Hellgate

C Omamori
Omamori Cures "Scared" and "Cursed" 3,000 Mysterious Mountain

Cursed Forest; 'Imperial Tomb; 'Canyon of Immortality; 'Abyssal Sea; 'Hellgate

C Antidote
Antidote Cures "Poisoned" and "Deadly Poisoned" 3,000

Orc Camp; 'Cavern of Ancient Ruins; 'Cursed Forest; 'Mage Tower; 'Canyon of Immortality; 'Abyssal Sea; 'Impact Site; 'Impact Site; 'Hellgate

C First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit Cures "Injured" and "Burnt" 3,000 Training Dojo

Mysterious Mountain; 'Orc Camp; 'Mage Tower; 'Canyon of Immortality; 'Dragon Archipelago; 'Abyssal Sea; 'Impact Site

HP ItemsEdit

Icon Name Effect $ Price Also From
C Healing Potion
Healing Potion Heals 25% HP Smith Tokens Mysterious Mountain

'Imperial Tomb; 'Canyon of Immortality; 'Abyssal Sea; 'Impact Site

C Panacea
Panacea Heals 50% HP Smith Tokens Canyon of Immortality
C Elixir of Life
Elixir of Life Heals 100% HP 10 Smith Tokens Dragon Archipelago

ADP ItemsEdit

Icon Name Effect $ Price Also From
Red Pill
Red Pill +10% AP for your next battle 30 Smith Tokens Gifts
Blue Pill
Blue Pill +10% DP for your next battle 30 Smith Tokens Gifts

Stamina ItemsEdit

These items can be bought and used at any time in Adventure mode.

Icon Name Effect $ Price In-Game Location
Food Chicken Steak
Chicken Steak Fully restores Stamina

120 Smith Tokens

Canyon of Immortality
Food Burger
Burger Restores 20 Stamina 80 Smith Tokens None
Food Sushi
Sushi Restores 8 Stamina 40 Smith Tokens Wanderer & Divine Samurai Drop
Food Bread
Bread Restores 3 Stamina 20 Smith Tokens Canyon of Immortality

Impact Site

Food Apple
Apple Restores 1 Stamina 10 Smith Tokens

Mysterious Mountain; 'Abyssal Sea; 'Impact Site,Gift From Friends.

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