Colossus Blade New
Colossus Blade Display

Colossus Blade is a Rank A sword made from Hyper Steel MA

Name Colossus Blade
Material Hyper Steel MA
Element Earth
Fused from 3 Titan Sword
Attack Points (AP) 26
Defense Points (DP) 32
Stars 9
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 70,000
Sword Contest Points 270
Colossus Blade Manga

The boy is behind the Golem in the first panel.  In the second panel, the Golem seems to be fighting. It is clear from the third panel that the golem was losing, and we can see that the golem has been killed in the fourth column. It can be then safely assumed that the golem was the little boy's protector or friend, and the little boy was crying because his friend the Golem had been killed.

The golem is also a part of the Special QuestAncient Guardian. Where the Golem is the one asking for the sword. Maybe the Guardian wanted that sword to be given to the kid to finally end his role as the Guardian.

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