When you finish crafting a new sword, you are giving the option to save it. When you do so, bit by bit, you are building up and completing collections.

A collection is completed when you have crafted and saved every single type of sword you can make from a material. When you have completed a materials collection, you are given with a Divine Metal as a reward.

Some collections are easy to complete, e.g. Copper. Others will take you months and months to complete, such as Sacred Stone and Demon Stone. Divine Metal will only be completed after a very long time of playing, and possibly buying Smith Tokens, though due to the fact that your drops are guaranteed, it is possible you could complete your divine metal collection before you complete your sacred stone one. Gold & Diamond share a collection page.

1 very important thing to remember is that you can not save a sword you have never completed, so do not try to trade for swords you have not crafted just to increase your collection.

As you will notice from the below chart, you get a lot of Divine Metals.  The current count for items you get, upon completion are:

Collection book

My little black book.

Name of Material # for Collection Reward


Divine Metal
Bronze 10 Divine Metal
Iron 10 Divine Metal
Steel 10 Divine Metal
Tamahagane 7 Divine Metal
Silver 7 Divine Metal
Obsidian 7 Divine Metal
Gold & Diamond 6 Divine Metal
Mithril 10 Divine Metal
Fire Stone 7 Divine Metal
Ice Stone 7 Divine Metal
Dragon Stone 7 Divine Metal
Adamantite 10 Divine Metal
Ocean Stone 7 Divine Metal
Cloud Stone 7 Divine Metal
Meteorite 7 Divine Metal
Hyper Steel MA 10 Divine Metal
Sacred Stone 7 Divine Metal
Demon Stone 7 Divine Metal
Divine Metal 1 7 Divine Metal
Divine Metal II 7 Divine Metal
Divine Metal III 7 Divine Metal
Divine Metal IV 7 Divine Metal
Orc Steel 9 Divine Metal
Beast Crystal 9 Divine Metal
Mystic Orb 9 Divine Metal
Undead Ash 9 Divine Metal
Life Force 9 Divine Metal
Alien Cell 9 Divine Metal
Master Swords I 15 Cosmos Shard
Master Swords II 13 Cosmos Shard
Master Swords III 12 Cosmos Shard
Master Swords IV 11 Cosmos Shard
Master Swords V 10 Cosmos Shard
Master Swords VI 9 Cosmos Shard
Master Swords VII 8 Cosmos Shard
Artifact Swords I 10 2  Cosmos Shard
Artifact Swords II 10 Cosmos Shard
Chaos Swords I 10 ?
Chaos Swords II 9 ?

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