Clouse Profile

Clouse is a regular enemy in Canyon of Immortality and Skyland.

Note: Clouse actually has a ton of HP compared to the other regular monsters in Canyon of Immortality and as much or more than the bosses (except Blademaster Sho because the Hp is same), this is because its normal zone is Skyland.

Note2: The plural of Clouse is Clice.  They generate clouds.

Adventure Info
Name Clouse Location Canyon of Immortality & Skyland
Health 1,800 Experience 100
Type Regular Enemy Max Basic Attack 600 Damage
Speed Normal Possible Effects Oily & Heals
Special 1 Eat Cloud Special 2 Black Stinky Object
Special 1 Intro "Clouse inahles the clouds around it!" Special 2 Intro "Clouse is trying to push something out!"
Special 1 Effect 600 Heals Point Special 2 Effect Oily & 700-750 Damage

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