"The dwarves established a dig site here to uncover buried ancient artifacts. Excavetion came to a sudden hatf after they discovered that the place is now the nest of extremely deadly giant spiders. You dare to see what the dwarves dare not?"

Difficulty - Very Easy

Elemental Bonus: Arcane (+70 AP)

For a low zone, this is a nice one.  It has 2 Relics & 1 pet.  Something of value drops from each boss, and the Rare Encounter, Dwarf Miner is easy to come across.

There is a 4th Route that does not lead to any bosses.  It's good for an extra RT.

Quest Unlocks
Heroine Quest 7 Zone
Heroine Quest 8 Spider Queen
Heroine Quest 13 Titan
Heroine Quest 24 Ancient Robot

Note:  The difference in numbers for EXP, Durability, & Stamina are due to hazards and/or the random encounters.

Cavern of Ancient Ruins Route & Boss Info "*" = Static Dmg
Route: Nodes: RT #'s EXP Sword Durability Stamina Cost Desirable LOOT Normal Blue Grey
Golden Chamber 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 4 44 - 123 -3 to -5 -7 to -8 (Hazard) Gold Mastery X X X

(Queen's Nest)

Spider Queen

1,2,3,4,5,12 3 63 - 142 -3 to -5  -6 to -7  Queen's Mandible - MC (Steel Relic) & Queen's Silk Nest Collection 85 dmg Deadly Poisoned Poisoned

(Ancient Towering Gate)


1,2,8,9,10,11,13,14 3 94 - 173 -4 to -6  -7 to -10  Titan Core - MC (Obsidian Relic) & Titan Bracelet - TC (9/9 Sec) 140 dmg AP+ 280 dmg

(Buried Object (Colossal))

Ancient Robot

1,2,3,4,5,6,15 3 109 - 188 -4 to -6  -7 to -8  Damgun - Pet 199 dmg 50% Guard *400 DMG


1. Worn-out Tunnel

Rare Trace
"Someone in the group is constantly farting silently!": Become Demoralized
"Member steps on an ancient trap device and takes a poison dart to the knee!": Become Poisoned
"Member strips over a hideous-loking human skull!!": Become Scared
"The ceiling right above you crumbles down!": -80 Hp
"You take the bottle of liquid away from a dead body. Apparently he did get to it in time so he wont be needing in anymore.": Gain Antidote 
"Everyone goes throgh the tunnel cautiously!": Nothing happens

2. "DANGER!" Sign

Encounter Golem

3. Collapse Site

Encounter Giant Spider
Encounter Dark Dwarf

4. Abandoned Mining Site

Rare Trace
"Instead of finding valuable minerals, you find a miner's diary.": +3 Silver Mastery (Gain Soul Shard if Mastered)
Gain 250 Coins
Gain Soul Shard
Gain Iron
Gain Silver
Gain Spider Web (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
Gain Baby Spider (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
Gain Spider Gem (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
Gain Black Flower (Rainbow Wreath Collectible)

5. Spiders' Lair (Requires 1 Star Location Mastery)

Rare Trace
"All the spider eggs hatched as you pass! Lots of tiny spiders are swarming your group!": -80 Hp
"Some group members are entangled by spider webs!": -1 Stamina
"You quickly move pass countless twitching spider eggs.": Nothing happens  
"Member grabs a spider egg and the egg explodes!": Become Poisoned
"There is a luker in the dark!": Encounter Giant Spider

6. Miner's End

Encounter Blade Golem

7. Golden Chamber

Rare Trace
"After carefully examining the gold products in the room, you gain a fair amount of knowledge about the material.": +4 Gold Mastery (Gain 400 Coins if Mastered)
Gain 400 Coins
Gain 1,000 Coins
Gain Adamantite
Gain Gold
Gain 2x Soul Shard
Gain Black Flower (Rainbow Wreath Collectible)
Gain Spider Silk (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
Gain Spider Gem (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)

8. Destroyed Lounge

Encounter Giant Spider
Encounter Dark Dwarf

9. Gallery Corner

Rare Trace
"You gaint boulder rolls down from no where! Everyone is able to dodge it in time!": Nothing happens
"Member triggers a trap! Causing everyone to take an arrow to the knee!": -100 HP
"A giant boulder strikes the group from above!": -150 HP
"Group is ambushed from behind!": -30 HP and Encounter Dark Dwarf
"Everyone stops to look at the amazing drawings and ancient writings on the wall.": -1 Stamina & +1 Location Mastery

10. Stone Statue Area

Encounter Blade Golem

11. Half-Destroyed Library

Rare Trace
"You find some precious articles about the history of this place.": +2 Location mastery (Gain 400 Coins if Mastered)
"You find a page of rough design sketch on this place's architectural structure.": +3 Location mastery (Gain 400 Coins if Mastered)
Gain 300 Coins
Gain Mithril
Gain Soul Shard

12. Queen's Nest

Encounter Spider Queen (Boss 1)

13. Pitch-black Slit (Requires 2 Star Location Mastery)

"Member is having trouble squeezing through one of the tighter gaps.": -1 Stamina
"You have a sense that the final destination is just up ahead, so your group becomes determined and moves through the tunnel very quickly.": +1 Stamina
"Some members are bitten by insects!": -80 HP
"The tunel is slimy!": Become Sticky
"Member is wounded while squeezing through one of the jagged edges!": Become Injured
"Member is suffering from claustrophobia!": Become Scared

14. Ancient Towering Gate (Requires 2 Star Location Mastery)

Encounter Titan (Boss 2) 

15. Buried Object(Colossal) (Requires 3 Star Location Mastery)

Encounter Ancient Robot (Boss 3)


Regular Enemies:

Enemy Info
Name EXP HP Normal Atk Blue Atk Grey Atk
Giant Spider 14 55 65 Poisoned -
Dark Dwarf 15 65 55 110 dmg -
Golem 14 75 50 50% Guard -
Blade Golem 16 85 70 Injured & 75* dmg -

Rare Enemy:

 Dwarf Miner 100hp 100xp.   Normal (60 Atk).  Blue (Demoralized). Grey (+AP)

  Gain 2x Mithril
  Gain Diamond
  Gain Gold
  Gain 6x Iron 
  Gain Meteorite
  Gain Sacred Stone
  Gain Demon Stone 

Boss 1:

 Spider Queen 165hp 40xp (+800 first time)
Quick -1 hand for encounter

  Gain 450 Coins
  Gain Antidote 
  Gain Soul Shard
  Gain 2x Soul Shard
  Gain Treasure Chest (Queen's Mandible Steel Relic Core)
  Gain Spider Web (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
  Gain Baby Spider (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
  Gain Spider Silk (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
  Gain Spider Gem (Queen's Silk Nest Collectible)
  Gain Black Flower (Rainbow Wreath Collectible)

Boss 2:

 Titan 600hp 50xp (+1,800 xp first time)

  Gain Energy Hammer
  Gain Shield Hammer 
  Gain Soul Shard 
  Gain Adamantite 
  Gain 500 Coins 
  Gain Treasure Chest (Titan Core Obsidian Relic Core) 
  Gain Iron Chest (Titan Bracelet 9/9 Secondary Armor) 

Boss 3:

 Ancient Robot 1,350hp 95xp (+5,000 xp first time)
Can Shield

  Gain Shield Hammer
  Gain 600 Coins
  Gain Soul Shard
  Gain 2x Soul Shard
  Gain Energy Hammer
  Gain Hyper Steel MA
  Gain Damgun (Pet)

Rare ItemsEdit

Stars Item Cost Slot
2 Queen's Mandible 450 Smith Tokens Relic
3 Titan Core 500 Smith Tokens Relic
4 Titan Bracelet 9/9 100,000 Coins Sec.

Farm Route Requirements:

Ancient ruins farm

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