Candyland is a special decor that can only be bought using sword tokens. The trophy gives you one charge of Candy Hammer every week (non-stackable).  The Candy Hammer shields/recovers any sword in any phase.

You can get the bookcase for free as a reward for hammering Candy's swords 100 times, and you can get the table for free by completing 6 weekly quests in a row.

Candyland Pieces
Piece Cost EXP
Workshop 250 Smith Tokens 2,500
Chest 200 Smith Tokens 2,000
Bookshelf 100 Smith Tokens Or get for free by completing [[Candy Quest] 1,000
Tables ? Can get for free from Candy ?
Background 300 Smith Tokens] 3,000
House 500 Smith Tokens 5,000
Trophy - -
Total 1,350(+the table) for all 6 or 1,250 Smith Tokens for the 4. 11,000

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