Blademaster Sho Profile
Blademaster Sho is the 3rd Boss in the Canyon of Immortality.

He also appears to make an apperance in Becoming The Storm and is holding Maple in his left hand, and Akatsuki-Arashi in his right. He also appears on the corresponding manga pages.

Note*: If you are Oily, getting hit by the Fire attack will cause you to become Burnt.

Adventure Info
Name Blademaster Sho Location Canyon of Immortality (Sky Observer's Shrine)
Health 1,900 Experience 265 (27,500 1st Time)
Type Boss (3rd) Max Basic Attack 650 Damage
Speed Fast Possible Effects Burnt*
Special 1 Maple Storm Special 2 Master Territory
Special 1 Intro "Sho picks up a falling maple leaf in the air..." Special 2 Intro "Everything you see is slowly turning black and white!"
Special 1 Effect 730-750 Fire Damage Special 2 Effect 800 Static Damage
LOOT: 750 Coins LOOT: Cloud Stone
LOOT: Sword Dust LOOT: 2x Sword Dust
LOOT: First Aid Kit LOOT: Bread
LOOT: Wanderer's Cape (5/2 Secondary) LOOT: Treasure Chest - Blademaster Badge (8/2 Accessory, Blademaster Set)
LOOT: Mysterious Chest - Blademaster Suit (10/5 Main, Blademaster Set)

The Following Manga Pages He Appear:

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