Black Nagamitsu
Black Nagamitsu Display

Black Nagamitsu is the Master Sword created by the Advanced Crafting of Tamahagane & Obsidian.

Name Black Nagamitsu
Material 1 Tamahagane
Material 2 Obsidian
Essences 1 Sword Essence
Quality needed 20
Element - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Attack Points (AP) 35
Defense Points (DP) 3
Stars 7
Rank M
Sell Price ($word Coins) 35,000

Nagamitsu was a famous 13th Century Japanese sword smith.

Click here to read about the Osafune School., where you can scroll down and see famous Nagamitsu type swords that had very famous weilders., including Oda Nobunaga.

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