Making battles look bling since 1000 B.C.

Battleground is the second decor set you can buy. This arrangement outfits your workshop with items you would use for and find in battle. Armor, maps and locations all ready to help you acheive victory. Outside the window, you can see the fires still burning from a recent victory in the field.


Battleground Pieces
Piece Cost EXP
Workshop 2,500 Coins 250
Chest 4,500 Coins 450
Bookshelf 3,500 Coins 350
Tables 5,000 Coins 500
Background 4,000 Coins 400
House 7,500 Coins 750
Trophy  ?  ?
Total 27,000+? 2,700


Trophy Bonus: +3 Quality to Iron and Steel.Edit

Is it Worth it?  

Since Iron was dropped to a 30 minute timer and Steel to 1 hour, they have become 2 of the most profitable crafts to make(Iron the most).  The trophy will help ensure you get mostly Rank B's.

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