Avenger, the Twinblade

Avenger, the Twinblade is the Artifact Sword made with Relic Fusion and the 3 Adamantite Rank-A Swords.

Name Avenger, the Twinblade
Core Piece Avenger's Ashes
Core Location Canyon of Immortality
Monster Drop Shura (2nd Boss)
Adventure Store Price 100 Smith Tokens
Adamantite Rank-A Swords Heldon, Lionheart, & Musou
Adventure Level 33
Quality Needed 30
Element Wind
Attack Points (AP) 110
Defense Points (DP) 5
Stars 10 Red Stars
Rank AA
Sell Price (Coins) 185,000

This manga depicts a battle between Shura, wielding Avenger, the Twinblade and Blademaster Sho, wielding Maple and Akatsuki-Arashi, clashing in a one-on-one battle. Who will win? Also note the background has two animals clashing together most likely symbolizing the two fighters

Noting both the sword's name, Avenger, and it's relic item, Avenger's Ashes, it is possible that this is a battle for vengeance. Maybe Shura knew the man in the Akatsuki-Arashi manga page?

This manga is the third shown during the opening sequence for new players to the game.

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