Ascended Immortal Profile

Ascended Immortal is the 1st Boss in the Canyon of Immortality.  His noteable drop is the Mithril Relic Core; Flask of Rejuvenation.

Ascended Immortal's Adventure Info
Name Ascended Immortal Location Canyon of Immortality (Fountain of Immortality)
Health 1,150 Experience 125 (10,000 1st time)
Type Boss (1st) Max Basic Attack 400 Damage
Speed Quick Possible Effects Heal
Special 1 Panacea Special 2 Telekinesis Sword Attack
Special 1 Intro "Ascended Immortal takes something out of his long sleeves!" Special 2 Intro "All of the Ascended Immortals swords shoot out to mid-air!"
Special 1 Effect Heals 40% HP Special 2 Effect 810 ~ 850 Damage
LOOT: 650 Coins LOOT: Cloud Stone
LOOT: Life Force LOOT: Soul Gem
LOOT: Sword Dust LOOT: Healing Potion
LOOT: Panacea LOOT: Iron Chest - Soul Scroll (6/14 Accessory)
LOOT: Treasure Chest - Flask of Rejuvenation (Mithril Relic Core)
Ascended Immortal Battle00:58

Ascended Immortal Battle


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