These are the Artifact Swords. Like Adventure Swords they require you to go to various Adventure Locations for the materials. Unlike those however, these are much harder to obtain and create.

Each Artifact Sword requires 2 things.

  • The core piece from a boss.
  • All 3 A-Rank Swords from the corresponding materials(Except the Gold & Diamond one as they share a relic).

More information can be found via the Relic Fusion page.

Sword ListEdit

Relic Collection 1

  1. Nameless
  2. Three Steps
  3. Titan Castle Crusher
  4. Eternal Valor
  5. Blood Etched Ogreblade
  6. Forbidden Sword of Holy Incantations
  7. Ifrit's Fury
  8. Lunar Grace
  9. National Treasure
  10. Sirisi

Relic Collection 2

  1. Avenger, the Twinblade
  2. Tiamat's Tear
  3. Emperor's Abyssal Soul Piercer
  4. Indignation
  5. Stargazer
  6. Archdemon Runeblade
  7. Six Winged Angelblade
  8. Guardian's Invulnerable Defender
  9. Sin and Punishment
  10. World Shaper 

Note1: Completing a collection page will reward you with 2x Cosmos Shard

Note2: Sometimes, the relics will also be obtainable from special events, such as Halloween Night and Crystal Party.  This is how World Shaper was originally released.

Artifact Sword Chart & Info
Name Material Boss Piece Boss Name Boss Location Element $ Price AP DP EXP
Sin and Punishment Copper Original Sin Sin Pandemonium None 200,000 130 0 18,000
Forbidden Sword of Holy Incantations Bronze Libram of Forbidden Arts Evil Javid Mage Tower Arcane $165,000 75 15
Blood Etched Ogreblade Iron Ogre King's Blood Ogre King Cursed Forest None $165,000 75 18
Three Steps Steel Queen's Mandible Spider Queen Cavern of Ancient Ruins Water $140,000 82 0
Sirisi Mithril Flask of Rejuvenation Ascended Immortal Canyon of Immortality Earth 180,000 60 45
Nameless Tamahagane Secret Scroll of Blades Wanderer Mysterious Mountain Wind 150,000 80 10
Eternal Valor Silver Spiritual Soul Ancient Treant Cursed Forest Holy 160,000 60 30
Titan Castle Crusher Obsidian Titan Core Titan Cavern of Ancient Ruins Earth 155,000 70 20
National Treasure Gold & Diamond Emperor Jewel Emperor Imperial Tomb None 250,000 65 30
Ifrit's Fury Fire Stone Flaming Heart Ifrit Flaming Volcano Fire 175,000 98 0
Lunar Grace Ice Stone Frozen Crystal Earrings Beauty Under the Moon Polar Glacier Frost 175,000 90 14
Tiamat's Tear Dragon Stone Tiamat's Soul Orb Tiamat Dragon Archipelago Unholy 200,000 120 5
Avenger, the Twinblade Adamantite Avenger's Ashes Shura Canyon of Immortality Wind 185,000 110 5
Emperor's Abyssal Soul Piercer Ocean Stone Leviathan's Whisker Leviathan Abyssal Sea Water 200,000 70 55
Indignation Cloud Stone Eye of the Storm Abyssal Nightmare Abyssal Sea Wind 200,000 118 12
Stargazer Meteorite Galactic Battery Grandmother Impact Site Arcane 205,000 115 20
Guardian's Invulnerable Defender Hyper Steel MA Hand of Invulnerability Guardian Skyland Earth 210,000 40 90
Archdemon Runeblade Demon Stone Prime Demon Stone Majin Hellgate Unholy 210,000 120 25
Six Winged Angelblade Sacred Stone Angelic Halo Six Winged Angel Skyland Holy 210.000 95 60
World Shaper Divine Metal Ultimate Divine Seal Azure Emissary Divine Council - 150 20