See also: Cavern of Ancient Ruins.
Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins

 The Ancient Ruins is the first (and subsequently cheapest) new decor set you can buy. The set places your workshop inside distinctly primitive walls atop what appears to be a mountain. This setting comes complete with idols, stone walls, and a scenic view of some of the other parts of the ruins.

Ancient Ruins Pieces
Piece Cost EXP
Workshop ? ?
Chest 3,000 Coins 300
Bookshelf 2,000 Coins 200
Tables 3,500 Coins 350
Background 2,750 Coins 275
House 6,000 Coins 600
Trophy  ? -
Total 17,250(+WS & Trophy) 1725+?

Trophy Bonuses: +3 Quality to both Copper and Bronze

Sword Quest - Trophy 1

Is it worth it?Edit

While the total price may have you wondering if its worth the upgrade cost to buy everything, it all depends on your play style and how active of a player you are. If you only make the newest swords, bigger ones, and rarely come in. Probably not worth it. If you are active, and you really want to spam the 10 & 20 minute swords it will help guarantee you get mostly rank B's, however Iron at 30 minutes will make you slightly more.