Akatsuki-Arashi New
Akatsuki-Arashi Display
Akatsuki-Arashi is a Rank A sword fused from Cloud Stone.
Name Akatsuki-Arashi
Material Cloud Stone
Element Wind
Fused from 3 Arashi
Fusion Time 28 Hours
Attack Points (AP) 64
Defense Points (DP) 0
Stars 9
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 75,000
Contest Points 270
Akatsuki-Arashi Manga

Like all Legendary swords, it comes with a 1 page manga.  It appears to show Shu sitting calmly until something happens, causing him to move and appear behind the other man.

The sword's name akatsuki that means red moon in japanese and the thunder effects on the sword gives us to realize that the sword has lightning element too and in the bottom right of the manga page we can see a thunder strike that Shu used to eliminate the person.

Another interesting thing is that Shu is wearing two swords instead of one:

1) Akatsuki-Arashi

2) Maple

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