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The Adventure Store is for your one stop shopping needs.

At first, this is used to purchase some beginner gear for your party.  However, later you will use it to purchase consumables and if you wish to and are tired of killing the monsters, you can use it to purchase the rare gear that is dropped from monsters.  Usually though, those purchases will cost Smith Tokens.

There are three different sections in the Adventure Store.

Store Equipment

Equipment Icon


This is where you can purchase the beginner gear.  There isn't very much here, and you won't visit it much after you first start out. 

Equipment List
Name Slot Set Sword Coin


Smith Token


Sword Pendant Accessory Sword Knight Set 1390
Sword Gauntlets Secondary Sword Knight Set 1490
Sword Armor Main Sword Knight Set 1590
Bronze Armor Main 4000
Adventurer Cloak Secondary 2000
Steel Armor Main 12000
Steel Boots Secondary 8000
Knight Armor Main Knight Set 60000
Knight Shield Secondary Knight Set 40000
Consumables Icon


All of the helpful items you will need to recover from most Status Effects, as well as items to recover HP & Stamina.

Consumables List
Name Effect Sword Coin


Smith Token


Red Pill +10% AP in your next battle 30
Blue Pill +10% DP in your next battle 30
Cleanser Cures "Oily" and "Sticky" effects 3000
Kindle Fire Cures "Wet" and "Frostbitten" effects 3000
Omamori Cures "Scared" and "Cursed" effects 3000
Antidote Cures "Poisoned" and "Deadly Poisoned" effects 3000
First Aid Kit Cures "Injured" and "Burnt" effects 3000
Healing Potion Heals 25% HP 30
Panacea Heals 50% HP 60
Elixir of Life Heals 100% HP 100
Rare Items Icon

Rare ItemsEdit

This section will get bigger and bigger.  As you unlock new zones and increase your mastery rating in each of these it will unlock new items.  Some of them can be purchased by coins (expensive), most will be by Smith Tokens though.

Rare Items List
Name Slot Set Sword Coin Cost Smith Token Cost
Your Gold Ring Accessory 8000
Farmer Clothing Main Farmer Set 160
Farmer Hat Secondary Farmer Set 130
Secret Scroll of Blades Relic 400
Samurai Talisman Accessory Samurai Set 550
Chieftain's Necklace Accessory 160
Orc Elite Armor Main 200
Musashi Handguards Secondary 350
Black Belt Accessory Ninja Set 550
Queen's Mandible Relic 375
Titan Core Relic 400
Titan Bracelet Accessory 100000
Magical Branch Accessory 30000
Ogre King's Ring Accessory 320
Spiritual Soul Relic 400
Ogre King's Blood Relic 400
Enchanted Ring Accessory 30000
Anti Magic Pendent Accessory 260
Libram of Forbidden Arts Relic 400
Burning Armor Main Sunfire Set 480
Burning Helm Secondary Sunfire Set 450
Sun Earring Accessory Sunfire Set 180000
Flaming Heart Relic 450
Phoenix Mantle Secondary 800
Inferno Armor Main Frostfire Set 750
Frozen Armor Main Moonfrost Set 480
Frozen Helm Secondary Moonfrost Set 450
Moon Earring Accessory Moonfrost Set 180000
Frozen Crystal Earrings Relic 550
Head of Grievance Accessory 450
Blizzard Helm Secondary Frostfire Set 650
Drake Talisman Accessory Dragon Knight Set 100000
Musashi Armor Main Samurai Set 650
Emperor Jewel Relic 530
Undead King Armor Main 1000
Flask of Rejuvenation Relic 575
Avenger's Ashes Relic 650
Blademaster Suit Main Blademaster Set 850
Blademaster Badge Accessory Blademaster Set 850
Dragon Kaiser Talisman Accessory Dragon Kaiser Set 1000
Dragon Kaiser Helm Secondary Dragon Kaiser Set 1000
Tiamat's Soul Orb Relic 750
Bahamut's Soul Orb Accessory 1200
Leviathan's Whisker Relic 750
Eye of the Storm Relic 775
Hydra Gauntlets Secondary Abyssal Set 1000
Nightmare Ring Accessory Abyssal Set 1000
Galactic Battery Relic 850
End Helm Secondary Alien Set 1050
Genocide Shoulder Pad Accessory Alien Set 1050
Black Mask Secondary Ninja Set 1000
Black Suit Main Ninja Set 1050
Prime Demon Stone Relic 900
Majin Helm Secondary Dark Lord Set 1200
Heart of Darkness Accessory Demonicblade Set 1200
Musashi Helm Secondary Samurai Set 1100
Angelic Halo Relic 900
Peacemaker Accessory Invulnerable Set 1200
Musou Suit Main Demonicblade Set 1600
Guardian Armor Main Invulnerable Set 1400
Skyguard Secondary Invulnerable Set 1550
Hand of Invulnerability Relic 1000
Death's Mantle Secondary Death Set 1600
Death's Eye Accessory Death Set 1600
Unforgivable Sin Accessory Dark Lord Set 1950
Original Sin Relic 1050
Apocalyptic Armor Main Dark Lord Set 2250

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