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Abyssal Demon is a Rank A sword fused from Ocean Stone.

Name Abyssal Demon
Material Ocean Stone
Element Water
Fused from 3 Abyss
Fusion Time 28 Hours
Attack Points (AP) 50
Defense Points (DP) 18
Stars 9
Rank A
Rarity Legendary
Sell Price (Sword Coins) 75,000
Contest Points 270
Abyssal Demon Manga

This manga seems to show what appears to be a merboy, or a young looking mermaid watching what looks to be a town going up in flames.

Not sure how, but maybe the boy feels something is amiss, or knows it is wrong-or simply felt that he can do something about that, then proceed to dive into the deep sea, continuing further down, into a trench.

In the abyss of the unknowns, he found the sword he seeks. How it got there, and what it has to do with the burning town is unknown...but from the element and material of the sword, it is possible that the merboy wanted to douse the flame. With what method? It's yours to imagine. Also, it's interresting to note that this appears to be Fisher.

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